Bully Sticks

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12 to 16cm long

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Bully Sticks – Dried Bulls Penis!

Once past the fact its a bull’s penis you’d be surprised how bloody good these are for your puppies and dogs. These are jam-packed with great nutrition for your canine pal or pup.

Bully sticks are high in protein and low in fat. Their composition makes them really easy to digest for even the most sensitive stomachs. Bully sticks are one of the safest chews for all puppies, topping those popular rawhide chews. Bully Sticks contain other benefits too, they allow your dog to maintain their oral health by preventing plaque build-up and tartar on their teeth minimising the threat of gingivitis. This keeps not only your dog’s oral health in check but also protects their heart, liver, and kidney by preventing bacteria from travelling from their mouth throughout their body.

Bully sticks also contain magnesium, which helps increase energy, calm nerves and aid in digestion for puppies and dogs. Another nutrition value that bully sticks packed with calcium to build bone, heart, nerve and muscle tissue.

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