Blue Puppies Snuffle Mat

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Handmade Blue Puppies Snuffle Mat

Keep your pup mentally stimulated with a colourful Blue puppies snuffle mat. Hide treats in this and watch your dog hunt them out!

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Puppies Snuffle Mat

Keep your puppy entertained by hiding some treats in this colourful handmade Blue puppies snuffle mat. Your pet will be searching through for awhile trying to find the goodies within. These can be a comfy addition to to the lounge too as fluffy mats for smaller dogs to lie on too. Hand made by volunteers using soft fleece these are a great treat toy for your pup.

Your dog’s nose was made to hunt, track, burrow, sniff and snort. A snuffle mat taps into your dog’s primal instincts by rewarding their curious nose with a tasty treat. Food games, like a snuffle mat, play a vital role in keeping your pup mentally healthy.

Also available in Green & Purple & Rainbow

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